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What Makes La Paloma’s Gelato So Special?

gelateriaTradition certainly plays a role — we’ve always created our gelatos with classic Italian methods, which allows for more intense flavouring and a smooth, soft texture. Slow churning speeds create a dense, flavourful finished product with incredible depth.

Since our business was founded, we’ve always focused on taste using authentic flavouring sources wherever possible and exploring innovative options to give our customers something different. While you can always find chocolate, vanilla and other classics at La Paloma, you’ll also see over 75 unique flavours developed by our talented gelato artisan.

Most importantly, we focus on consistency at each of our locations. All of our gelatos are served fresh for a homemade taste, and every recipe is carefully controlled to ensure that you’ll always savour every spoonful. Select from a variety of cups, cones and containers, then choose your flavour — we know you’ll leave impressed, especially if you pair your selection with any of our gourmet espresso drinks.

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